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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Senior Safety Devices waterproof?

The devices are IP67 water-resistant. They should not be submerged. They should be towel-dried after exposure to water.

Will I be able to speak to a real person when I call Home&Wellness?

Yes, our friendly knowledgeable staff will answer the phone and assist you as needed. 

What is the Monthly Fee?

$34.99 with fall detection included

Am I required to have phone service?

No, the Senior Safety Devices work independently on cellular service and you are not required to subscribe to a separate service. 

Where is Home&Wellness located?

We have sales offices located in Wichita, McPherson, Little River, Lyons, Sterling, and Marquette, KS.

Does the Senior Safety Device have Fall detection?

Yes. We offer two models. One with fall detection, with the option to turn that feature off. We also offer a device that does not have fall detection, but gets much longer battery life. 

How long does it take for the device to activate after you submit the registration form.

Once we receive the paperwork for activation, we will respond and generally have the device activated within 1-2 hours during normal business hours. If submitted outside of business hours, we will do our best to get it activated as soon as possible.

Can the fall detection be disabled?


Is the device mine to keep?

We require the devices to be returned when service is cancelled, unless you purchased the device online from Amazon or Walmart.

Are there other monthly fees?

No, just the flat rate monthly fee. No taxes or services charges are added on.

Is a landline required?

No. A landline is not required. It uses cellular towers to communicate with customer support. If your location can receive a cellular phone call, the device will be able to work.

Does Medicaid cover the device?

In many states Medicaid covers these devices, check with your state Medicaid provider to see if they cover them.

Who can I talk to if I have a question or problem?

Our friendly professional staff is available to answer your questions and resolve issues during normal business hours by calling 888-851-4291 or by pressing the button 24/7. We have an on-call person for after hour needs.

Does the device call 911? 

Only if the person wearing the device is unresponsive or requests emergency response.

If I no longer need the device, can someone else use it?

Yes, we are happy to update the information so that someone else can use the device. 

How long does the battery last?

It varies depending on your location. The manufacturer says “up to 5 days”. 5 days is possible for people in large cities with many cell towers for the device to communicate with. Rural areas with fewer cell towers will get 1-2 days of battery life.

What if I’m unable to respond? 

If a user cannot speak or does not respond to specialists after pressing their device button, specialists will check if the device is locating within the user’s home Safespot. If the user is within the Safespot, specialists will dispatch emergency personnel to the user’s home. If the user does not answer specialists and their device is not within the home Safespot, specialists will call the user and emergency contacts to see if contacts are with the user or if they know the user’s location. If no one answers, or if the device does not have fall detection, specialists will send a welfare check to the user’s home, as that is the only known location for the user.

How long does it take the battery to charge?

On a completely drained battery, it can take around 3 hours to fully charge to 100% battery.

Can this item be carried in a pocket rather than around the neck?

It can be carried in a pocket, or worn on the belt, bra strap, or attached to a purse using the included clip. 

Unit has a Wi-Fi indicator… can it connect to Wi-Fi network for VOIP?

No, it cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network or VOIP. The unit uses a cellular connection to the cellular network for all communication to the monitoring center.

Can the device be charged by USB cord?

No. It has a charging cradle that plugs into an AC wall outlet.

Is there a mobile app available to check on the status of the device?

There is an online caregiver portal that allows you to login and check the GPS location and battery level of the device on the Belle+ model. The Sky model has a text-to-find GPS location option. 

Can the device be used if I have a pacemaker?

The manufacturer suggests contacting the pacemaker company and asking them directly on that question, however there are many people with pacemakers that use our devices. In addition, many pacemaker customers prefer to carry the device on their belt. Home&Wellness offers holsters and belt clips.

What if English is not my native language?

We have operators from many different backgrounds. If the individual’s language is available in-house, the call will be quickly transferred to the operator who speaks the customers language. If the customers language is not available in-house, the operator will initiate a Language Line service directly through the device. The operator will stay on the line with the customer and the Language Line to send emergency services or loved ones to assist as needed.

What if I press the button by accident?

 If you press the button by accident, simply tell the call center that you are okay and no help is needed. We now offer devices with fall cancel buttons and features.

How often should I test the device?

We recommend once a week.

Does it work abroad, or only in the United States?

The Senior Safety Devices work in all 50 states, based off of cellular connectivity.

Can I wear the device on my wrist?

No, the device is meant to be worn around the neck, or with the included clip.

Is there an activation fee?

No, there are no additional charges or cost to activate the device other than what you originally purchased the device for, and the monthly fee for service.

Does the device have a volume button?

No, but the volume is pretty loud. 

How do I activate my device?

You can request activation by filling out the form on our website. The device also comes with paperwork that needs to be filled out before a device can be activated if you do not activate online. This includes emergency contacts, address information etc. The paperwork also includes instructions on how to return the paperwork to us. If you did not receive paperwork, please contact us at 888-851-4291 and we will be happy to get you a new copy

Is there a warranty on the device?

The Senior Safety Devices come with a one year warranty.

Do I need Wi-Fi to use the device?

No, it does not require Wi-Fi in your home.