It is that time of year…to check on your loved one’s wellness

Observe Their Well-Being

It is the most wonderful holiday season, which gives adult children an opportunity to evaluate their parents or loved one’s general welfare while they are visiting loves ones for the holidays. 

This year, if you happen to be at their home during the holidays, take an inventory check regarding their living conditions and their overall health. Observe their mental and physical abilities. Do you notice any forgetfulness or inability to do certain things for themselves? Are there things around the house they may not be able to do themselves anymore? Is the home safe and free of tripping hazards and safety issues?

After your mental observation, does it worry you that they are living alone?  Do you see signs that they might need some added assistance to remain in their home alone in 2021?  Over 92% of seniors want to “age at home”, so with this in mind there are many “helps” that can be implemented to ensure the resident and family members that they are in a good and safe environment. 

Medical Alert Devices by Home and Wellness

Home and Wellness offers state of the art Senior Safety Device that now have fall detection as well as GPS.  The fall detection is designed to detect a fall, even if the resident is unable to push the button for help, the device will alert a 24/7 wellness help desk. 

The GPS feature helps the caregiver/adult child to know where Mom or Dad are if they have left the home and cannot be reached.  This feature is particularly helpful if the resident is experiencing a little memory loss and sometimes “wanders” outside of the home.

Who Should Use A Senior Safety Device

Home and Wellness also offers the Senior Safety System, for caregivers or family members that want to make sure mom and dad or a client is moving around the home safely during normal “wake hours” and/or if/when an exterior door has opened during “normal sleep hours”. 

Unobtrusive small devices are located in the home and send a notification or text to the caregiver or family member’s cell phone if the resident is not active or inactive during specific time frames of the day/night.  A smart phone app is available and handy during the day or night that allows you to see if the resident is active during key time parameters.

Fear of Regret is a Powerful Motivator

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy 2021 and urge you to take steps now to ensure your family member’s stay healthy when living alone.  We often hear disheartening regrets that family members wish they would have taken safety measures in their loved one’s home before there was an incident. Fast response time in an emergency is key to speedy recovery and allowing the resident to continue living in their home again.

Senior Safety Device with Fall Detection and GPS (AT&T)
Senior Safety Device with Fall Detection and GPS (Verizon)